for the iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®PatternMusic.html

What's inside PatternMusic:

  1. The Stage

  2. Intuitively mix and arrange your songs by moving instrument icons.

  3. Effortlessly add, duplicate and delete instruments.

  4. Multi-Touch Pattern Editor

  5. Easily create unique looping note patterns.

  6. Editor zoom - because not everyone has the same size fingers.

  7. Up to 64 notes per pattern via the scrolling timeline.

  8. Scroll through a 4 octave range for each instrument.

  9. Solo mode - focus on a single part of your composition.

  10. Dynamics for individual notes.

  11. Voices

  12. 50 instrument voices to choose from.

  13. Change voices at any time.

  14. A full drum kit and percussion set.

  15. Built-in Help and Tutorials

  16. A complete Help system is accessible throughout the app.

  17. Access built-in and on-line Video Tutorials without leaving the app.

  18. Instrument and Song Settings

  19. Tempo (including "tap tempo" for interactive tempo matching).

  20. Time Signature

  21. Scales - work within a mode and avoid "wrong" notes.
    (more than 40 scales available)

  22. Note length configurable from 1/16 note triplets to dotted whole notes.

  23. Looping control - infinite or counted.

  24. Configurable instrument start point.

  25. Swing - create shuffle effects.

  26. Transpose - up or down up to two octaves (an 8 octave total range).

  27. Song Management

  28. Auto-save - PatternMusic automatically saves your songs when you quit or when you are interrupted by a phone call, and it automatically restores your last session when you return.

  29. Manage your songs including song duplicate, rename and delete.

  30. Play along with your iPod Music

  31. iPod Music Library access and control without leaving the app.

  32. Small app download

  33. You'll be creating music in no time.



  1. iPhone OS 3.0 or later

  2. All iPhone, iPod touch and iPad models supported

  3. Headphones or external speakers required for stereo mixing